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Motion, speed and precision: This is the world of EWS.

At EWS USA, we will never stop reaching for the top. Our teamwork of engineers, machinists and customer service has evolved over the years supplying innovative ideas, creativity, service and support. We are not afraid of competition in this industry, in fact, we look at competition as a driving force producing fresh ideas and actions. This pushes us to be better than the rest. Our viewpoint at EWS USA is that we are never done growing, we will continually strive to achieve beyond our goals and your expectations.




(PRESENT) EWS USA continues to manufacture a wide variety of products at its current location, in addition to selling EWS and URMA products. The engineering group at EWS USA continually works to develop new products and special tool holding in order to stay in front of the ever-changing market.


Command announces rebranding to EWS USA. Command remains in the company as a brand.


Command was purchased by EWS Tool Technologies of Uhingen, Germany with subsidiaries in Korea, Russia and China.


Command was purchased by an investment company and continued expanding on its product offerings under the new ownership.


Command expanded its operation by relocating to its current Ramsey, Minnesota facility.


Market recovers and Command’s business booms due to availability of inventory.


Command formed a strategic alliance with URMA AG of Switzerland to bring high precision reaming and boring tools to the US market.


Command began stocking and selling balanced toolholders.


First fully grounded “V” Flange toolholders were produced.


Command Tooling Systems LLC was founded and began manufacturing toolholders in Anoka, Minnesota.

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EWS Group

EWS USA has been a member of the EWS Group since 2008. With approximately 70 employees, EWS USA is a leading manufacturer of tools for CNC machining centers and complements the EWS series on the growing market for turning and milling machines.

In addition to Germany and South Korea, EWS now has manufacturing capabilities and service availability in North America to better serve its customers worldwide.

Here at EWS USA, we are the technology leader in tool fixture manufacturing for high precision machining operations. EWS USA manufactures standard, precision, and special application tooling systems to service the needs of the manufacturing community.

Our tool fixtures are designed for accuracy, with AT3 or better shank taper and a rigid tool fixture-to-spindle mount. Our tool fixtures are concentric to <0.0002 (0.005mm or 5 microns) which puts the tool precisely on the spindle center line. These benefits promote minimal tool wear, fewer tool replacements, and less scrap. With fully sound flanges and V-grooves, EWS USA tool fixtures are easy on tool changers to help prevent constant spindle and changer maintenance.



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Wherever you produce, wherever you need our products: We are there for you.

Our network in Germany, Korea, USA, China and Turkey gives you the necessary background.