EWS.Varia VX - The innovative quick-change system

With the patented EWS.Varia VX quick-change system, you perform tool changes faster than your competitors.

In addition, your driven tool will adapt to your requirements in the future.

The modular interface allows you to select the ideal tool clamping for every machining process.


Optimize setup times and maximize contribution margin

Lot sizes are going down, machine kinematics are moving at the physical limit.

Nevertheless, our customers achieve even better performance on the machines!

We are proud to be able to design the tooling for such experts.

With EWS Varia VX, we have succeeded in developing a system that enables optimum concentricity thanks to axial, shear force-free three-point clamping, and that isahead of the game in terms of work safety.

Two sizes - same technology

EWS.Varia VX3 is the most filigree version and is mainly used on VDI25/30 and BMT45/55 turrets.

EWS.Varia VX4 is optimized in terms of size for machines with VDI40 or BMT60/75 turrets. The maximum transmittable torque is an impressive 200 Nm.

Unique handling advantages

  • Safe, fast one-hand operation
  • No risk of injury
  • Defined tightening torque of 6 Nm
  • Mechanically actuated lift-off function
  • Oriented locking of the turret unnecessary

Optimize setup times - reduce downtimes

With EWS.Varia VX, you can significantly reduce setup times on your machine and thus minimize downtimes. This increases overall system effectiveness and boosts your contribution margin.

Use of stops

  • Equal length during setup
  • Synchronization of tool length of one tool type on different machines
  • Indispensable when using CAD/CAM systems
  • Faster retooling of used cutting tools
  • Varia stops can also be operated from the rear side

Collision-optimized solution for every application

Short design increases the maximum stripping length of the tools. Significant length advantages can also be achieved in comparison with other changing systems such as EWS.PSC.

EWS.CyberCon4 - sensor technology for driven tools.

Of course, EWS.Varia-VX tools are also partially equipped with CyberCon4. Take advantage of Industry 4.0 and avoid costly machine downtime thanks to our intelligent tool systems.

Modularity ensures maximum flexibility

Thanks to EWS.Varia VX, the ideal tool clamping can be selected for every machining process.

In concrete terms, this means that with just one basic body you can map over 60 different interfaces that are optimized for different applications.


Collet mounting


Weldon / Whistle Notch


Milling insert


Shrink wrap


Hydro-expansion absorption


Closing plug

Accessories EWS.Varia Clean


Optimize the life of your Varia VX fixtures and inserts with our EWS.Varia Clean cleaning and corrosion protection unit.

The EWS.Varia VX in video

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