COMMAND Prodigy - CNC Cleaning Fans

Command’s Prodigy CNC cleaning fans are the perfect complimentary tools for all CNC users, both big and small, short run or production. Prodigy cleaning fans have been engineered to provide you the best results possible when it comes to removing machined material chips, coolant, and other debris from your workpiece or fixture.


New wind for workpiece or fixture cleaning

The Prodigy cleaning fans have a cylindrical shank that can be mounted into your collet chuck or endmill holder. Once your new Prodigy fan is installed into your tool holder and mounted in the machine spindle, use your machine control to do the cleaning unattended between machining cycles—eliminating chip accumulation without compromising labor and machine time.

Steel shank

The mounting cylindrical shank is made out of high quality U.S. 4140 steel.

Through coolant

Through coolant capable, wash your part prior fan use.

Durable fan blades

All fan blades are manufactured utilizing glass fiber reinforced nylon for durability and abrasion resistance.


Innovative and affordable automatic cleaning solution for all your CNC machining centers.

Easy replacement

Prodigy cleaning fans are designed for easy disassembly—allowing quick replacement.


The shank is manufactured with a Weldon-Flat which allows the utilization of an endmill holder.

Types of cleaning fans


Prodigy P1


Prodigy P2


Coolant Nozzle

Upgrade your Prodigy P1 or P2 cleaning fan with our NEW CNC Coolant Nozzle. Increase your coolant projection to reduce your cleaning cycle.

NOTE: Coolant nozzle works with current fan design with easy installation.

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