EWS.CyberCon4 - Sensor technology for driven tools

CyberCon4 from EWS provides the user with a digital insight into the kinematic processes of his tool. A tool holder equipped with CyberCon4 collects comprehensive data for checking and controlling the tool in use. This data collection facilitates both the prevention of damage to the machine and the collection of data for store floor management.


The digital view for capturing kinematic processes

EWS develops its own sensor technology as part of the Industry 4.0 concept. With EWS.CyberCon4, EWS is entering the age of digital transformation. The digital concept is also open to cooperation partners in order to offer users as much standard as possible. The data can be read on a tablet or smartphone via an app. However, this is only part of the possibilities. In the overall picture, EWS.CyberCon4 is a building block of the entire IoT concept from EWS. In addition to the sensor technology, new technology features, such as the new "HPC-Line" sealing concept, are used. Initially, the sensor technology is only available in Germany and Austria.


Optimization of advanced technology

Futuristic, based on BLE with sending of advertising packages in a few seconds intervals.


Temperature: Current and max.

Number of switch-on operations

Speed: Current and max.

Average speed

Remaining time until service in %.

Speed range during operation

Battery status

Temperature ranges during operation

Export options of the data for further processing

Evaluation for unlimited number of tools

→ Available free of charge in the App Store / Google Pay


The advantages

  • Avoidance of costly machine downtime thanks to intelligent tooling system
  • Dynamic determination of load-dependent maintenance cycles
  • Sensors are open for communication with external interfaces
  • Data management, internal and external
  • Sensor is based on BLE 4.1 technology (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Detection of seal failure by "FCS (Fluid Control Sensor)" before machine damage occurs

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Close gaps in data collection

The factors that can be measured with CyberCon4 all serve an important purpose and are therefore almost indispensable for manufacturing with low downtimes. Regulated monitoring of the tools used helps to identify sources of error and avoid them in the future.

How the sensor works

The sensor is basically in stand-by mode in its initial situation. This creates the advantage of increased battery life. In order for the sensor to start its work and thus measure and transmit data, it must first wake up from stand-by mode. This happens as soon as the tool starts to rotate. The sensor detects the rotations of the tool by means of a small magnet incorporated into the tool spindle. By means of the magnetic field that passes the sensor with each rotation, the exact number of rotations can be recorded.

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