EWS.Rigid is our vibration-damped boring bar holder for higher machining quality.


EWS takes a stand against vibrations in deep wells

Machining deep holes with long projecting boring bars is one of the most demanding tasks in machining technologies. What influences vibrations, what amplitudes do they generate, what is the effect of their superpositions, when do you encounter uncontrollable resonances? These are all questions that are difficult to address from theory.

This insight was the basis for the new development of EWS Rigid. The aim was to create a drill holder that counteracts vibrations by means of a passive damping system. Variable vibration dampers with linear degrees of freedom act on the dampers, which are mounted floating in the interior of the cutter carrier.

The position of the absorber is adjusted by means of a radially mounted adjusting screw, which can be used to create optimum vibration conditions. The improvement of the surface finish of bores, as well as the increase of the cutting edge life are significant.