EWS.Swiss Tools – High precision machining on sliding headstock lathes

EWS quality now also available for sliding headstock lathes: With this new development of driven tools, EWS responds to multiple customer demand. The tool systems EWS.Swiss Tools, which look simple at first glance, have it all!


EWS.Swiss Tools - for STAR and CITIZEN machines

In the design of EWS.Swiss Tools, the main focus was on the bearing arrangement and spindle runout. The requirements profile was developed together with an American medical technology company that uses very small drills and needs extreme runout characteristics. The spindle bearing technology used with labyrinth sealing sets new standards in this area, combined with a long service life.

Service is also already taken care of. The service centers in Germany, China, Korea and the USA are trained in the systems and can respond immediately. Third-party products can also be serviced there at any time.


  • High precision bearing
  • Innovative sealing technology
  • Spindle runout < 3μ
  • Permanent running tested
  • Maintenance-free



Further information about EWS.Swiss Tools as download