EWS.Trifix® Alignment System

Alignment system for Glidemeister turning-milling centers


The EWS Trifix® System

EWS Trifix® is the alignment system for Gildemeister turning-milling centers. the alignment bars, which are mounted on both sides, each engage via a bevel in high-precision manufactured recesses in the turret surface. the bars are preset with preload. the spring effect of the alignment system eliminates static overdetermination. this ensures the twisted position of the tool holder without additional adjustment effort and thus significantly reduces machine set-up times. due to the high precision requirement, application for double-toothed tools is not possible. the tools are delivered pre-aligned and can be used directly.

EWS is a system partner of DMG MORI for this tool generation.


EWS Trifix® advantages

  • Repeatability on one station below 6 µm with 200 mm throat depth
  • high positioning accuracy from one station to another (0.01mm)
  • completely aligned driven tools and static holders
  • static holders can be used with additional mounting hole pattern
  • heavy duty spindle heads with additional mounting hole pattern can be used
  • tool disc / functional surfaces easy to clean

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