EWS Repair Service

Your tool holder no longer performs as well as it used to? EWS USA offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services for CNC driven tooling products. We pride ourselves on prompt response time to minimize downtime in your production.

We offer our first-class service for all common manufacturers on the market.

Thus, you can enjoy the usual good service quality.

We are happy to make these promises


Personal & individual

We are happy to be there for you. You can contact us directly at any time or use our numerous service partners worldwide. We are globally on duty to support you in your work and your challenges.


Fast & reliable

Your concerns are important to us! We answer your questions quickly and straightforwardly and are there to help you in word and deed. You can reach the right contact person without detours and long waiting times.


Competent & committed

Experienced technicians and long-standing back-office staff give our service team the necessary expertise to competently meet even highly complex challenges.

In the right hands from the start: Every repair goes through the same process

  • Contact a EWS Customer Service Representative for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number by email at, by phone at 800-328-2197 or using the contact form below.
  • Your EWS Distributor will submit a P.O. for Inspection Fee (fee is waived with repair approval or purchase of new tool).
  • When your tool arrives at our facility, it undergoes a thorough inspection and disassembly of its internal and external components.
  • We will submit a Repair Quote to you via your contact information.
  • Once the Repair Quote is approved, we will begin the repair process.
  • Parts ordered or taken from inventory.
  • The tool will be cleaned, spare parts installed, and tool reassembled – rebuilt to factory specifications and guaranteed to perform like new.
  • Your tool will be tested and measured for accuracy and will not leave our facility until it is 100% approved.
  • The tool will be returned. Standard delivery rates apply depending on your shipping address.

Contact form

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Voucher for the first preventive maintenance

Starting today, all new live tools that leave our facility will be packaged with a voucher towards your tools first preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is essential in extending tool lifespan, maintaining efficiency and, reducing risk of unplanned machine downtime.


How to redeem:

  • Match the serial number on the voucher with the tool that needs to be repaired.
  • Ensure voucher is not expired.
  • Submit form on website. QR code on the back of the voucher will take you there.
  • Mail in your tool with the voucher.
  • Receive a comprehensive quote within days

Good is not good enough for us: We do something to get even better for you!

Every year, we put our services to the test and ask our customers for honest feedback.

The aim of the survey is to identify areas for improvement and develop new services that you need.

So it is of course all the more gratifying that we have been awarded top marks for the third time in a row.


We are here for you!

We are happy to help when things don't run smoothly. At EWS you have the right contact person directly on the phone.

This way, your problem will be solved quickly and you can devote your time to other tasks.