How employees drive innovation 

During his daily work routine, a dedicated employee sparked an idea that led to the introduction of a new product - EWS.Varia Clean.

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Deeply believing that innovations can emerge in all areas of the company, EWS places special emphasis on paying sufficient attention to the ideas and suggestions of each employee.

In this context, EWS is pleased to introduce its latest product, which was born from an innovative idea of an employee: EWS.Varia Clean.

EWS.Varia Clean was brought to life by Christoph Lamparter, a dedicated employee from the turn milling. He recognized early on that impurities could impair the performance of the Varia VX mounts and inserts, so he painstakingly cleaned the inserts by hand with oil. This time-consuming cleaning process ignited the crucial spark for his idea: the development of a cleaning and corrosion protection unit.

The enthusiasm and immense potential of his idea also convinced the managing director, Matthias Weigele, when Christoph presented his idea to him. Christoph then received support in pursuing his idea. He first developed a prototype, which he continuously perfected. The entire development process stretched over a year, during which Christoph worked with great determination to realize his idea.

Finally, his idea evolved into a marketable product with numerous benefits:

EWS.Varia Clean represents a multifunctional solution for the care of Varia VX mounts and inserts. It ensures reliable removal of contamination and dirt from the Varia interface and protects against corrosion by applying an oil. In addition, EWS.Varia Clean secures the spindle from contamination and damage during storage outside the machine and ensures a tidier workplace.

The development of EWS.Varia Clean proved to be an outstanding example of how employee involvement can lead to first-class solutions. EWS values the dedicated participation of its workforce in promoting innovation and rewards Christoph's innovative performance with a well-deserved reward.

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